I am seeking publishers for the following:

(The Mother of the Salvation Army)

This biography of Catherine Booth, the ‘Mother of the Salvation Army’ explores her remarkable capabilities and drive in the founding and development of a religious and social service organisation that remains of global importance to this day.

(Lives at the heart of Empire)

This is a story of mercantile Poplar and its relationship to the East India Company, the British Empire and the Indian subcontinent.

 It is explored through the life of James (‘Pop’) Wells of Wells’s Junk Shop in the East India Dock Road, Poplar, who was to find himself fighting in the ‘last great battle of empire’ at Kohima.

(in the Derbyshire Dales & Staffordshire Moorlands)

This is a story of Mapleton and Okeover in the Derbyshire Dales & Staffordshire Moorlands. Written in the year of Covid, 2020, the focus is within walking distance of Mapleton and Okeover, whilst reflecting on the Dales and Moors. The variety and contrasts within the area are explored, and human impact on the landscape.  It delves into how the area has been perceived over time and challenges the idea that this is ‘the rural bit where not a lot happens’.