Guided Tours

Derbyshire / Staffordshire Moorlands

~ Tour of Ashbourne, “Gateway to Dovedale”

~ Tour of Leek, “Queen of the Moorlands”

~ Tour of Ilam, ‘The place where heaven and earth touch’

In Search of Symbolism
 ~ Symbolism in St. Oswald’s Church, Ashbourne

Catherine Booth born in Ashbourne Tour
~ ‘The Mother of the Salvation Army’-her roots, life and achievements

Faith Trails in Derby-
I am associated with the Open Centre in Derby in a voluntary capacity. It exists to promote understanding and respect between different communities. As part of their work, they have been delivering Faith Trails for many years. These entail visits to places of worship, for example, to Anglican, Baptist and Catholic Churches, Hindu Temples, Mosques and Sikh Gurdwaras. Derby Open Centre has no affiliation to any specific faith-based group. If your group would be interested in a Faith Trail, contact the Open Centre direct for details, www.;

Rabbi and grandchild, Mark Gertler 1913

East London

Limehouse & Poplar Tour
~ Tour of Limehouse & Poplar

Spitalfields Tour
~ Tour of Spitalfields

Whitechapel Tour 
~ Tour of Whitechapel – in the footsteps of the Salvation Army

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