Breathing Life into History
Danny's talks & courses are an eclectic mix of social and cultural history.
Victorian Britain features strongly as does art history and gardens.
Geographically there is a focus on the Derbyshire Dales, Staffordshire Moorlands and the East End of London.

Illustrated Talks
There are currently over twenty five talks on offer covering aspects of architecture, art, local history, literary heritage and social history. These include:

~ The Art of World War 1

~ ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’ (Victorian narrative art)  

~ The English & Gardening

~ Famous Victorians with local associations, eg. Thomas Cook, Joseph Paxton, Florence Nightingale

~ The Fascination of Churches

~ The Victorians and the Christmas Season

~ The Victorian Way of Death

A full listing can be found on the Illustrated Talks page.

Courses & Day Schools

Courses & Day Schools can be organised independently. Currently courses take place at Higham Hall, Cumbia or on Cruises, though previously have been organised under the auspices of the University of Nottingham, Keele University, Wedgwood Memorial College, Workers' Education Association (WEA) or Derbyshire Community Education. See the Courses page for the current syllabus.

Guided Tours
See the Guided Tours page for more information.


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